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Bespoke Coaching

YOU are an active individual and looking to maximise your potential? You have registered for a race and looking for professional guidance? Then you are at the right address.

OKAMI RUNNING offers a tailor made and holistic coaching service based on the latest training principles. We provide guidance in the domains of trail-, sky- and ultrarunning. Please find below an overview of our offer:

  • Training schedule (multiple contact moments during the week)

  • Strength and conditioning exercises

  • Guidance on race strategy

  • Nutrition Tips

  • Help with maximising recovery

  • Okami Toolbox Access

Click below to contact me for a free introductory meeting!

Running woman athlete sport concept. Trail runner exercising in mountain summit background
Image by Brian Erickson

Physiological Testing

Do you want to better understand your fitness level?

Not sure what your optimal training zones are?

Then lactate testing is an excellent solution. You will know your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, have a better understanding of your current level of fitness. On top you will gain confidence in the execution of your training and can more easily track your performance over time.

Price: - € 

Duration: 75 minutes

Okami Toolbox

Attaining your goals requires the right tools. Okami Running can provide you with these! When signed up to bespoke coaching you have full access to the Toolbox.

Image by Hendrik Morkel

Purchase  the Trailrunning Guide.

This e-book provides you with all the information needed to start trailrunning and even contains tips & tricks for the more seasoned trailrunner. The book contains sections on:

  • Training Protocols

  • Equipment

  • Racing

  • Nutrition

  • Staying safe outdoors

The prime tool to get you started with trailrunning!

Fastpacking Guide

Have you always dreamt of moving swiftly on a multi-day outing through the landscape (forest, mountains,...)?

The Fastpacking Guide will help getting you ready with topics on:

  • Trip planning/Navigation

  • Gear

  • Safety

Buy now and roam like a wolf!

Checkered Flag

The Race Preparation Report 

helps you to prepare in the best way possible for your running goals. The report consists of course planning, gear checklist, nutrition preparation, mental preparation,...

All-in-all an outstanding tool to lay the groundwork of your goals.

The Nutrition Calculator 

helps with calculating the right amount of nutrition needed for your race. By inputing some basic parameters you can calculate your nutritional needs (carbohydrates, water, electrolytes,...

A full guide is included with the underlying research fundamentals.

Stone Balancing

Mindful Running

Would you like to run more mindfully? Looking to connect more with your surroundings and with yourself?

Join us on our mindful runs in the Ardennes or in het Heuvelland (NL/BE). Together we will explore the outdoors and look for a connection without attachment.

These sessions are free at the moment, so check out the calendar for when the next run occurs!

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